Does snail cream really work?

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1 Answer

On One Hand: Promising ClaimsHelix aspersa is the common brown garden snail. Its viscous, slippery secretions keep the snail's delicate skin safe from damage from its own shell and outside dangers. Manufacturers and customer testimonials say that a cream made from these slime secretions can heal acne, wrinkles, scars and even small cuts. "Helix aspersa extract is a natural, safe and effective alternative treatment in open wound management of partial thickness burns in adults," according a study published in 2009 in the Journal of Dermatological Treatments.On the Other: Unproven ClaimsAlthough some research suggests that snail secretions have healing properties, no valid studies determine its effectiveness as a cosmetic, according to The Beauty Brains. In addition, other ingredients in commercial snail creams, such as mineral oil and cetyl alcohol, may irritate some skin types.Bottom LineCertain snail cream products might rejuvenate, repair and moisturize skin through components such ...
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