Does snorting cocaine make a penis hard longer?

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1 Answer

I'm a girl, but I always remember that no matter what drugs my partner and I have done, it increases your sensitivity to touch, but you can't "come". You can have a "hard on" all night, but never ejaculate. It just depends on how horny you are. I've had a couple of instances with different people where we are having sex, but then pass out, come to hours later wondering what's going on. I would not recommend it. Only do it if your partner is. I wouldn't try make it a mission on having sex if you're doing any drugs. The best feeling is the natural feeling. Anytime you have another outside stimulus affecting your body, don't try to have sex. It may feel good, but that doesn't mean you are horny. Just chill and try to enjoy the moment. Coke is only good if you're not in a stressful situation and doing coke is always sressful cause you're constantly worried about getting that next line. Not even "rollin" (x) works for sex. Been there, done that. It's a fgreat "turner-oner" but no more ... more
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