Does Straightening of the Cervical Spine cause neck pain and sometimes headaches?

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1 Answer

Kier- yes straightening of the cervical curve will cause neck pain and sometimes headaches. This is often called a "military neck", or decrease in the cervical lordosis- and it puts stress on the cervical nerves. Normally you should a c curve in your neck. This reduction of the neck curve can occur with a trauma (such as a whiplash accident), repetitive motions where your neck is in an awkward position, sleeping incorrectly, bad posture, bad ergonomic set up at work– these things will all contribute to straighening of the cervical curve. The nerves of the neck supply the neck muscles, the blood vessels, your ability to talk and everything else to do with your head +neck- so if there is pressure, then headaches are possible. There may be other contributing factors for your headaches such as diet, loud noises etc, but a misalignment in the spine will affect them as well. I think traction of the neck will ease some of the neck pain, and also sleeping with a traction pillow will help- ...
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