Does SunCoast Ship Sugar Gliders and is it Safe?

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1 Answer

Yes - We Ship. These are three little words you won't see on many sugar glider breeder websites. There is a great deal of controversy regarding the potential for stress when shipping sugar gliders. First and foremost, SunCoast Sugar Gliders would never engage in any practice that we believe is detrimental to the well being of our sugar gliders. There is one right way and many wrong ways to ship a live animal. SAVE MONEY! COMBINE SHIPMENTS! Our shipping charges are per shipment not per animal - it's no more expensive to ship more than one sugar glider. If you know someone else interested in sugar gliders, share the shipping cost! We have extensively studied the differences in acclimation for sugar gliders that have traveled via air freight versus local automobile travel. The facts are very clear and compelling - sugar gliders will experience an acclimation period no matter how they are transported to their new home. It is our practice to stay in touch with our clients as often after a ... more
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