Does the eden pure heater really work?

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1 Answer

On One Hand: Consumer Reports Weighs InAccording to Consumer Reports, EdenPure heaters are not superior to other less expensive space heaters on the market. In 2007 EdenPure heaters were ranked among the lowest quality space heaters. In February of 2010, Consumer Reports tested the EdenPure Gen 2 Model 1000, acknowledging that it is improved but still is not "heating paradise."On the Other: Good Housekeeping Lists Best HeatersGood Housekeeping does not include the EdenPure heater in its list of the hottest space heaters. Good Housekeeping recommends the Vornado, EH1-0028-06 for best overall performance, Honeywell's HZ-2800 as best personal heater and the Bionaire BH3900-U as the best large model.Bottom LineEdenPure heaters are heavily hyped in marketing materials, yet fail to perform as well as less expensive space heaters. Consumer Reports does not rate the EdenPure as highly as other heaters. Additionally consumers should consider the cost. EdenPure Gen 2 Model 1000 costs ...
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