Does the eRL-08, eRL-BE365, or eRL-FE595 Rental Property Keyless Remote Access Control System require any wire or wirless network or Internet connection to control access to your rental properties?

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No. There are not any wire or wireless network or Internet connection required between the eRL-08, eRL-BE365, or eRL-FE595 Lock Device and the eRL Remote Access Controller. The eRL Remote Access Controller controls the access through the latest encrypt/decrypt technologies. After you set your guest’s Check-In/Out time, the eRL Remote Access Controller will encrypt the restricted Check-In/Out time schedule to generate a 10-digit Access Code. Afterwards, you can easily email, fax, or phone them to tell them their Access Code. When your guests arrive on your rental property and enter the 10-digit Access Code into the Lock Device, the Lock Device’s microprocessor will decrypt the 10-digit Access Code and get the restricted Check-In/Out time, check with its Real Time Clock and determine whether to unlock or not. So you can see actually your guests will be the communication medium between eRL Remote Access Controller and Lock Device. 5. Other similar products generate Access Codes through ...
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