Does the North Pole have a stronger magnetic pull than the South Pole?

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1 Answer

Procedure: Hypothesis: The North Pole is stronger than the South Pole. Experiment: In our experiment we used a bar magnet, ruler, and paper clips. We used a ruler to measure the distance of the force exerted from each pole by pulling paper clips. Three attempts were measured. In the first and second attempt the South Pole started attracting the paper clips at 1 inch and in the third attempt it attracted paperclips at inch. In the first and second attempt the North Pole attracted paper clips at inch and in the third attempt it attracted paper clips at inch. Conclusion: Based on our experiment we concluded that the South Pole had a greater magnetic force than the North Pole. Research: What is a magnet? A magnet is an object that is usually made of alloy, nickel, iron, or cobalt which create a magnetic field. All magnets have a North and South Pole. From the finding of research we conclude that the north pole is truly the magnetic south pole. The north and south poles are attracting one ... more
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