Does the office of prophet exist today?

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1 Answer

If there are Pastors and Evangelist today their must be prophets today. Yes, prophets are part of the five-fold ministry. Yes, there are saints in the body of Christ that have the gift of Prophecy or that occupy the office of the Prophet. They forth tell and fore tell. Their prophecies whether in word or in song must be judged by the Prophecy of Scripture, which is infallible. All the ministries God instituted in the New Testament are still vital today. God still calls prophets today. What constitutes the office of prophet? 1. On the subject of what the NT Greek says about the prophet, a Greek scholar commented : "He speaks from the impulse of a sudden inspiration, from the light of a sudden revelation at the moment. The idea of speaking from sudden revelation seems here to be as fundamental, as relating to future events or to the mind of the Spirit in general." 2. A prophet is a preacher or teacher of the Word foremost. (a minister separated and called to full time ministry.) 3. A ...
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