Does the PiMag Water System remove fluoride?

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1 Answer

What are the recommended replacement periods for the various components? #301 Filter Cartridge - Every 6 months or 2,000 litres of water treatment which ever occurs first #303 Silver Stone Cartridge - Every 12 months to help maintain its anti-bacterial effectiveness. #302 Ceramic Filter - Every 2 years or earlier replacement may be necessary in areas containing high levels of particulates. #304 Mineral Stones - Every 5 years. Can the PiMag Water System treat bore, dam or tank water? No. These water sources often contain high levels of particulates that would rapidly clog filters and reduce the flow rate of the PiMag Water System. Bacterial contamination would also be of concern. Microbiologically safe drinking water (treated public water supply) is the only water recommended for the PiMag Water System. more
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