Does the subfloor have to be perfectly level to install a hardwood floor?

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Depends on the product being installed. For traditional nail down flooring the subfloor does not have to be perfectly level, but must be flat for installation. For floating and glue down floors the subfloor has to be level. (Back to top) What is the appropriate time period for allowing the wood to acclimate to the house? Hardwood flooring is typically kiln dried between 6% & 9% moisture content. In a dry home environment it is desirable to allow flooring materials to acclimate for several days before installation. Where floors are being added to existing homes one can allow as long a time as is practical for acclimation. Ideal conditions in a new construction or remodel situation would provide that all wet work has been completed for three or four days. Subfloors should be scraped and cleaned and the environment should have permanent heat. Production schedules may not allow for this scenario but an increased probability of cracks due to absorption of site moisture is likely. (Back to ... more
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No. The subfloor does not have to be level, but must be flat for a proper installation. In some case, even an uneven subfloor can be corrected. more
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