Does Transfemme really work?


Yes, it does! This is why we have real women sending in their photos and names to post on our website. Please read our testimonials, with real photos, real names, addresses and email addresses from real American, Canadian and Asian women just like you. Because Transfemme really works we are the ONLY company in the world offering a full 100% refund for six months. • Does Transfemme work if I already have breast implants? Yes, Transfemme works perfectly well on women who have implants. Implants do not interfere with the process. Many of our customers have implants and use Transfemme to add a natural softness and covering over their implants. • Where is Transfemme made? Transfemme is made in the U.S.A. in an FDA approved laboratory, and is FDA allowed. Transfemme adheres to all FDA standards and DSHEA labeling laws as set forth in the United States. For more information about FDA guidelines click here to read An FDA Guide To Dietary Supplements. Manufacturing Transfemme in the USA ensures