Does Trident® gum have enough xylitol to help prevent cavities?

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1 Answer

A recently published study shows that we need 6-8 grams of xylitol daily in order to reduce cavity-causing bacteria. Smaller amounts do not have a meaningful impact on the bacteria. Based on our most recent tests, Trident® gum has 0.17 grams of xylitol in each piece*. That means you would need to chew more than 35 pieces of Trident each day to reduce decay causing bacteria. Trident relies on sorbitol for the bulk of its sweetener. An article in the February 2006 Journal of the American Dental Association, encourages dentists to recommend their patients chew sorbitol-sweetened gum no more than three times daily, because larger amounts increase acid production and decay-causing bacteria. Epic gum contains 1.06 grams of xylitol per 1.5 gram serving, more xylitol grams/serving than any other gum available in the US. An independent lab tested Trident Original with xylitol, Lot #02405RE with a high performance liquid chromatograph to determine the xylitol content. more
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