Does vaping help you quit smoking?


Enough has already been written about the dangers of smoking. And there is a lot of information from doctors. Medical studies point to a clear association of tobacco smoking with diseases such as cancer, emphysema, cardiovascular disorders and many others. Smoking is a tradition for me. For me, the process of smoking, the daily ritual, is important. But how can you quit smoking?

Kate Tarat

Yes! I used to take a break with a vape. I was trying to get rid from smoking and it was my decision how to do it faster. I used to read which is a perfect solution to get new information about vaping.


I prefer smoking over vaping. Although this and that is very harmful. Just the problem with vaping is that it causes many previously unknown diseases. There was a lot of news in the fall that people started dying en masse from vaping. And as we see, these diseases progress very quickly.
But personally, I prefer to smoke cigars, because they have much less harmful resins and carcinogens.
I love to drive my car in the evening and enjoy the amazing atmosphere of my city while I’m smoking. In order not to litter in my vehicle interior, I use ashtray:
They are very comfortable and roomy!

Jack Evance

Good evening. In my opinion vaping can’t help you to quit smoking. You will need something more powerful in this situation. If you will suffer from stress I can recommend to buy cbd oil and use it every day. It will help you to calm down and forget about smoking. Worked good for me!


I do not think that the transition from regular Smoking to vaping can be called a great result. I also switched completely to vape and don’t regret it. I think I’ve reduced my nicotine intake, now I mostly use quality cannabis or cbd oil for vaping. The main thing is to use quality products, for example, I take everything from the site which provide premium grown strain all with unique smells, and flavors, as well as vape cartridges at good prices

Ron Smith

You said it …“tobacco smoking with diseases such as cancer, emphysema, cardiovascular disorders and many others.”

Should be enough to realize it makes you no esta bien! Not well!

Unfortunately, we humans, for the most part, have an addictive trait or personality that is hardwired in to our DNA that allows one to become easily addicted to certain chemicals introduced in to the body. I was addicted to the ritual not the Nicotine. It was what we did before work, with the coffee in the morning and the beers at night. Social smoking? Social smoking!

I am one of the lucky ones without addiction to nic. I quit smoking after I caught the flu and was sick for six weeks. Haven’t had one since. I’m not saying get the flu but it was an opportunity for me. seeing the friends having a “social” circle smoke out back does make me…