Does vaping help you quit smoking?

selestiya Illinka Erika edited answer

Enough has already been written about the dangers of smoking. And there is a lot of information from doctors. Medical studies point to a clear association of tobacco smoking with diseases such as cancer, emphysema, cardiovascular disorders and many others. Smoking is a tradition for me. For me, the process of smoking, the daily ritual, is important. But how can you quit smoking?

Illinka Erika Illinka Erika edited answer

For me, the alternative to smoking was vape. The smoking process itself has survived. But I’m taking a liquid with a minimum of nicotine. I plan to switch to a liquid without nicotine in the near future. Also vape is much cheaper for my budget. I buy vape sale
Prices are minimal. what was a month for cigarettes, now for a year enough for a vape


I’m in the process. vape I have appeared in the fall. Now I’ve lowered the dose of nicotine to a minimum.
I rarely remember vape. There are days when I don’t sit.