Does zero gravity in space disrupt digestion or effect other organ function??

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1 Answer

Nasa was quite concerned about this during the early days of the space program. They did a lot of testing. As it turns out, weightlessness doesn't affect eating or digesting, but it does affect your circulatory system. Since your body is designed to resist the pooling of blood in your legs due to gravity, when you go into space, blood tends to get squeezed up into your upper body and face, causing your face to look slightly swollen. If you stay in space long enough, the changes to your circulatory system can cause you problems when you return to gravity. Your blood pressure will get very low, and you'll become dizzy and be unable to walk. Astronauts do special exercises and drink extra water before landing to counteract this. Another problem that develops if you are in space for many months is the calcium begins to leach out of your bones, making them thin and brittle. Scientists don't know exactly what causes this, but it is a great concern for proposed long duration flights to Mars. ... more
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