English Speaking Courses in Delhi

Sanjna Prajapati

English Speaking Courses in Connaught place

Learning English can be fun. My Pragati in Delhi, there is a team of well-trained and dedicated teachers who are known for using a variety of challenging, fun, and exciting classroom techniques for students who want to learn English. The experts design these techniques for developing student’s learning strategies and encourage them to become more independent language learners. Many of our students come from at My Pragati come through personal recommendation, while some more ambitious students become regular at our facility for attending higher level English speaking courses.


The objectives of our English speaking courses in Delhi:


To improve and increase accuracy and fluency in spoken English

To widen the range of vocabulary and improve the wordplay

To improve English pronunciation

To refine grammar knowledge

To build confidence in Reading, Speaking, Writing, Listening.


The most popular and easy way to improve your English skills is to enroll yourself in a General English course at My Pragati. We provide students an opportunity to form relations and strong friendships with people from all across the globe while simple communicating and sharing the environment with them. With us, students can achieve personal, academic and business success through improvement of their knowledge about the language.


As the Best English Speaking Training Institute in Connaught Place & Delhi NCR, we promote academic excellence through learning and teaching the beautiful English language which is used as a primary means of communication in countless countries. We want to only help our students improve their speaking and understanding skills when it comes to English by providing an engaging experience and challenge them with the complexities of the language and grammar. With us, students can be sure of developing their cognitive skills to think, both creatively and critically.