External Pond Pumps vs. Submersible Pond Pumps?

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It first depends upon the benfits and restrictions of each type: The Benefits of Submersible Pumps: A submersible pump is designed to be placed in the pond, and submerged under the water. Submersible Pond Pumps are the easiest of all pumps to install. Installation requires no more than attaching a hose to the waterfall, or filter. Then just place the submersible pump in the water and plug it into a power supply. Some have solar power. Submersible Pond Pumps range in size, gallons or liters per hour (GPH or LPH). They are as small as 50 GPH, but for most ponds - pumps range from 350 GPH to 4000 GPH. Some Disadvantages of Submersible Pumps: Electrical short or electriacal bleed off into the water that may cause injury or death to fish (or humans). Albeit, most are UL approved. Presence of the pump, cord and pipes in the pond may disrupt the visual enhancement of the pond. The Benefits of External Pond Pumps: External pond pumps are designed to be more energy efficient than swimming ... more
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