Garden Villa VS Hill Villa: What’s better for a honeymoon in Thailand?

ArnoldMMartin Posted

What’s better for a honeymoon in Thailand..


I think, both variants are good. I also like renting villas when traveling as I prefer feeling comfortable wherever I go. Usually I find them on, and I recommend to check this source. I’m sure, you will find  a great villa there.


Both options are great in their own unique way and at the end of the day, it’s your personal preference that will matter. Here are the things you get from a hill villa. First, you get to enjoy a really wonderful view because the villa is situated at a higher altitude. If you prefer waking up to an amazing morning view, then a hill villa is the perfect choice. They also tend to cost less than garden villas but the downside is, it might take you longer to get to the beach or to the most popular restaurants. 

A garden villa on the other hand won’t give that much of a view. There’ll probably be lots of plants and bushes, and maybe some trees around which might not really be the best option if you’re planning to go on a honeymoon during the rainy season because that’s the time when mosquitoes tend to show up. On the plus side, you’re closer to the beach and local restaurants. 

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