Hairstyles for teens

selestiya Posted

Tell me what kind of hairstyles for teenagers are now trending? my daughter is trying to talk me into painting her. I somehow saw a girl with green hair on the street. Tell me what’s so trendy?

Demi Cameron

I can advise only about men’s hairstyles. I eve wrote this page to share info I know and like with people.

Illinka Erika

Now on the streets you can see a different fashion. Young people are trying to stand out. My daughter wanted purple hair. We went over different options with her. The shades of purple are also amazing. You can find more here . The site has very beautiful hairstyles. I think you can pick up for your daughter

Fanni Too

Teens have their own vision of fashion. Remember yourself when you were a teenager. Did you not like the carnal rebellious changes in your appearance? Now really in fashion the color of hair of different color. It is both green and blue and purple