Has anyone ever gotten wet or aroused during a pelvic exam?

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Don't worry! First of all you probably won't get excited, because it's usually such a stressful situation and the person is dealing with you in such a clinical manner. Secondly, if you do, I promise you the doctor won't be weirded out or take it personally (unless he or she is a creep, in which case, get up and out of there and REPORT them - but that's very unlikely to happen to you!). They know better than anyone that it's a PHYSIOLOGICAL reaction to be touched in this area. It would be an advantage if you got a little aroused actually - it would make the whole exam much easier and more comfortable. I'm a licensed massage therapist and people get aroused occasionally when I work on them - it's natural and I don't worry about it or judge them! A gynecologist has about a million times more training and experience with such professional boundaries than me. But people are much more likely to get aroused during a massage of course, since it's relaxing. If you can relax enough to get ... more
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