Has anyone used Drift software subscriptions of Starter, Pro, or Enterprise and have any sales improvement success stories?

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I’m testing out the Free version of Drift and it’s okay.  It is such a limited version though that you cannot really get a feel for how well it will work for our use cases.

Drift has these other plans as well and I’m looking for an in depth review of the software to see if its right for my use case.  Or someone who knows this space well and has an expert review on the capabilities.

Its kind of annoying though now some person (maybe the founder) Tanner keeps emailing me everyday with some tip.  Tanner Maguire <tmaguire@driftt.com>


starts at…
For small businesses that are ready to take a step up from the free plan and send targeted messages to their website visitors.

starts at…
For marketing & sales teams who are looking to increase qualified inbound leads in real-time without forms or humans.

starts at…
For companies that only want to engage with the best leads based on factors including ideal customer profile and firmographics.

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Glad to find the answers here! Would you mind if I write my version of this story with the help of UK EduBirdie‘s writing service?

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Sell Your Used Furniture

Instead of paying somebody to haul it to the dump, consider selling your used furniture to make some extra money or to defray the costs of the new items you might be purchasing. If restoring furniture is a hobby, you can also make money by selling online and locally.


1. Craigslist


Craigslist is one of the best places to get started selling furniture online because it is the most visited online classified site. Listings are free and only take a few minutes to complete. To increase interest in your piece(s), be sure to include photos and a detailed description.


Whether you are selling furniture from your own house or a recently purchased rental property in desperate need of a remodel, it can sell on Craigslist.


In addition to selling on Craigslist, you might consider these Craigslist alternatives for anything that you want to sell.


2. Letgo


A popular Craigslist alternative is Letgo. This app is more colorful and focuses more on pictures for product listings than the headline compared to the rather non-descript Craigslist.


letgo is completely free and you can do it online or with their app. As letgo emphasizes images, the app is optimized to snap a picture from your smartphone and immediately upload the image and fill in the product details and price.


letgo gives you the option to communicate with in-app chat instead of handing out your actual phone number or e-mail address for additional privacy.


Another nice perk for letgo is that buyers can view other items you also have listed. If you have multiple items to sell, it makes it easier for the buyer to purchase a package deal or focus on another piece of furniture you are selling that is more to their liking.


3. Local Newspaper


Local newspaper circulation might not exactly be growing these days, however, there is a steady audience where readers may not regularly browse Craigslist. To compete with the online classified sites, many newspapers offer print and online ads for free if you sell items for less than a particular price point.


For example, you might be able to list your item for free if it is selling for $50 or less.


You can also pay to place a print ad for high-value items. This might be a good way to sell antiques or like-new furniture as classified ads can start at $7.50 for three lines.


4. Facebook


The burgeoning Facebook social media platform is one of the best apps to sell locally. And the best part is that it’s free when you list on your local buy and sell group page.


If you are selling furniture as part of a yard sale, Facebook also has yard sale groups and allow you to enter a description of the products you will be selling. As space can be limited, try to highlight the feature pieces to attract attention and visitors to your site.


If you have the entrepreneur spirit and creating a small side business like furniture restoration, you can also use paid Facebook ads to advertise your listings or business name to local Facebook users as well.


The ads will display on the Facebook wall in between all the status updates from Facebook friends. You can also tailor the ads to a specific geographic region and also to only display to a particular age group and gender.


5. Antique Stores


If you have antique furniture that has value but you do not want to deal with the hassle of selling it yourself, you can see if an antique store will buy it. You might not get retail value for the piece as the store needs to make a profit. But, it can be one of the quickest ways to make money quickly if your listing doesn’t generate a lot of buzz using an online app.


Check your local Yellow Pages to find antique stores near you. Or, reference the Antiques.com database that has a database of more than 20,000 dealers from 20 countries!


6. Consignment Stores


Another local option is to sell your items at a consignment store. Unlike selling directly to an antique store, you get paid when the item sells. The store host will keep a small percentage of the sale to compensate for renting their floor space and completing the transaction.


You might also have to pay a monthly consignment fee to keep your items displayed. To keep a fresh inventory, some stores might donate the items to a local charity or thrift store if they do not sell within a certain period of time.


7. Used Furniture Stores


If you have a contemporary or antique piece, you might also consider selling your furniture to a local used furniture store. The store might have an appraiser visit your property to assess the piece and give you a quote. They might pick it up themselves or allow you to deliver it yourself to receive to higher quote.


Some furniture stores will even offer store credit that you can use to offset the purchase of replacement future. Getting paid in store credit can sometimes have a higher payout rate too which can mean more money in your pocket if you plan to buy from that same store.


8. Have a Garage Sale

Instead of hauling your sofa or old wooden dresser across town, advertise a garage sale from your own front yard. In addition to selling your furniture, you can also sell any other unwanted items like clothing, used DVDs, and video games.


Be ready to haggle as garage sale aficionados are looking to buy items at the lowest cost possible and are not afraid to find your bottom dollar.


To increase the exposure of your garage sale listing, consider advertising on sites like Craigslist, your local newspaper, Facebook Yard Sale Groups, and Yardsales.com.


9. Have an Estate Sale


When a loved one in your family passes away, you might consider having an estate sale to sell all their belongings. By hiring an appraiser, furniture items and other belongings are accurately priced to be sold at auction and with a tag sale.


Estate sales can be a large undertaking and have added expenses. But, it can be more time-effective than trying to sell each item separately in your spare time.


You advertise estate sales using the same local and online channels as you would advertise a yard sale.


To advertise your estate sale on a dedicated national website, consider EstateSale.com as they have listings from over 6,700 professional estate liquidation companies.


If you are still in the planning phase and haven’t picked an appraiser yet, you can also find a locate directory of estate liquidation and auction companies at EstateSale.com or your phone book.


Appraisers and auction companies normally get paid by collection a portion of the sales proceeds.


The average commission rate can be between 10% and 15% for most regions and sales.


10. Trove Market


Trove Market allows you to sell used and secondhand vintage furniture of nearly any category. This can be a great place to sell mid-century furnishings as there is a large inventory of this category on Trove. Even artwork can be sold on Trove.


There are a couple different selling options to choose from. If your item is light enough, you can offer to ship. Larger items like upright pianos, dining room tables, or living room pieces.


You can be an individual seller or a business to sell on Trove. Listings can be searched by metropolitan area or zip code.


When a buyer first visits Trove Market, local listings based on their current location will populate in addition to featured listings from across the nation.


An added to touch to selling on Trove, is that you can also share your post on the major social media channels including Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter with the click of a button.


Trove has a very professional site that is easy to use with high-quality pictures. This presentation matches the quality of the items other sellers list on Trove.


Fees to sell are a 10% Trove Commission plus credit card processing fees (if the buyer pays with plastic).


11. Recycled Furniture

If you have eco-friendly furniture to sell that is made with reclaimed materials or woods with quick growth natural materials, you might consider listing your items on Recycled Furniture. Some items you might sell can be made of bamboo or cork for instance.


Your furniture doesn’t have to be green to sell on Recycled Furniture. They also accept used personal and business furniture.


At the end of the day, selling your used furniture not only saves the buyer money but it also benefits the environment by extending the life of the items sold and reduces the energy and materials used to create and transport new pieces.


Listing on Recycled Furniture is free. Products can either be picked up locally or shipped to the buyer if they agree to the shipping terms. In regards to selling locally, Recycled Furniture currently has boards for 20 cities located across the United States in the largest metropolitan areas.


12. eBay

Whether you want to do a DIY auction or create a “Buy It Now” listing, eBay also allows you to sell furniture.


You can choose local pickup only for bulky items like sofas, ottomans, and entertainment stands, for instance. Smaller items like slip covers or small tables can also be shipped.


While the rest of the eBay website might appear disorganized, buyers can quickly filter through the various furniture categories clicking on visual examples. New and used furniture can be sold on eBay by individual sellers and businesses and your first listings are free.


eBay will keep 10% of the selling price only if the item sells.


13. Sell.com

Another online commerce site that has been around since 1999, Sell.com allows you to create local furniture listings with ads starting at $1.


You might like Sell.com because you can also automatically upload your listings to eBay, Google Products, and Big Commerce. That is three platforms to expand your potential audience reach.


14. Etsy


While you might think of Etsy as an online marketplace for arts and crafts, you can also list furniture and home decor pieces.


You can sell antique pieces, vintage pieces, handmade furniture, and even furniture accessories like pull handles. And, you can even offer to ship within the contiguous U.S. or internationally if you desire. Some businesses even offer free delivery if the buyer lives within a local 50-mile radius.


This isn’t the place to sell your current Ikea collection, but, furniture sells anywhere from a few hundred dollars to over $5,000 for antique pieces in pristine condition.


Etsy’s seller fees are $0.20 per listing plus approximately 6.5% in fees and commissions once your furniture sells.


15. Fleapop


Some people consider Fleapop a mix between Craigslist and Etsy. It can be a good place to sell vintage or eclectic furniture and home decor.


You can list your items by collection making it easier for buyers to search for their decor style. It is free to list and Fleapop keeps 6% of the commission when an item sells.


16. Shopify


If you want to create your own business and website, do it with Shopify. With their pre-made templates, you can create an online storefront in minutes.


Plus, they also provide they online shopping carts and payment processors allowing you to have a one-stop shop. If you also plan on selling in-person, Shopify also has a portable POS system that includes a credit card reader and cash register to make you a legitimate business.


They also have 24/7 customer support to help you with any problem at any time of the day or night, free stock photos to add extra value to your website, and analytics tools to capture important details about your marketing campaigns and customer base.


17. Furnishly


Furnishly is one of the first online peer-peer marketplaces dedicated solely to secondhand furniture.


Started in Chicago in 2011, Furnishly now connects local sellers with buyers across the United States. You can create your own storefront that is similar to an Etsy shop with an image.


This site isn’t as flexible as Craigslist or letgo, you do need to be a seller in one of the Furnishly metropolitan locations like Chicago, Charlotte, Atlanta, Boston, Milwaukee, etc. You don’t have to have a Boston proper mailing address, but, you might be expected to be located in Cambridge or another nearby borough to be approved to sell on Furnishly.


Selling on Furnishly might be a better option for businesses that have secondhand pieces to sell that are unique, vintage, or antique.


Items are intended for local pickup, but, Furnishly can require you to ship at the buyer’s request. Regarding fees, Furnishly keeps a 10% fee for all sales completed on their website.


18. Chairish


Make Some Extra Cash by Taking Surveys

Taking surveys in your spare time can be a great way to earn some extra dough fast. Check out Survey Junkie which will pay you instantly with cash via Paypal. They have over 6,000,000 members and they have an 8.9/10 rating on Trust Pilot.


Another up and coming vintage furniture site is Chairish for upscale clients. In fact, the Architectural Digest listed Chairish as the #1 iPhone app for decorating.


In addition to furniture, you can also sell art, mirrors, rugs, decor, and outdoor furniture at Chairish. There are hundreds of new items added each day and the site attracts visitors from all over the country.


Chairish will keep 20% of the sales price. Items are automatically designated to be picked up locally by the buyer. If the furniture needs shipped, Chairish will coordinate with the buyer to finalize all the details. You can communicate with buyers using the Chairish dashboard, e-mail, or phone.


19. Viyet


Viyet is an online consignment store for the most expensive of pieces. A Viyet assessor will come to your house to photograph and appraise the pieces you wish to sell.


The minimum retail price is $1,000 for furniture, $500 for lighting, and $100 for accessories. All items must be in new or good condition and a designer brand. Viyet will also consider items that can be restored to excellent or good condition.


After the items are appraised, Viyet will advertise your furniture on their website, social media, and e-mail using their database of designers and buyers that are looking for similar pieces and the prospective buyer can make an offer below Viyet’s listing price. You can decline the offer if the price is too low.


Once a piece sells, Viyet will coordinate the shipping and you keep 60% of the selling price.


20. AptDeco


Residents of New York City, New Jersey, and Washington D.C. can sell furniture, lighting, and rugs on AptDeco. Philadelphia and Boston residents will be able to sell on AptDeco soon too.


Items are free to list and the selling fee is 29%. Once an item sells, AptDeco will deliver the items to the buyer for free.


So far, AptDeco has helped sell over 25,000 items. Any brand or product can be sold on AptDeco as long as the furniture is still in good condition and regardless of what decade it was made. This means you can sell the Ashley Furniture or Ikea sectional you purchased last year.


Some other statistics provided by AptDeco that might persuade you to sell on this website instead of an online classified site include 85% of sales happen without home visits, 93% of orders are delivered, and 10 days is the average time to sell. Also, all orders are protected with AptDeco’s complimentary purchase protection insurance.


21. 1stdibs


1stdibs allows you to sell antique, vintage, modern, and contemporary furniture designs with sellers and buyers from around the world.


In fact, 1stdibs was started in 2001 in Paris with a team of high-class designers and has gained the reputation for being one of the best online antique marketplaces.


You might consider this site if you are a designer living in New York City as they have a showroom showcasing the works of 54 1stdibs designers.


To begin selling on 1stdibs, you have to submit a dealer application. When you are approved, you can begin selling across to the international market and 1stdibs will schedule and insure the shipping of the items you sell. Plus, you also have access to an account manager to help coach you to becoming a successful 1stdibs merchant.


22. Lushpad


Lushpad is another site to check out to sell “new and upcoming designer furniture.” This is a change from Lushpad’s origins of selling used modern and mid-century pieces. If you have modern or mid-century pieces to sell, Lushpad still has a Facebook Buy & Sell group for new and vintage pieces.


To sell on the Lushpad website, send an e-mail to the Lushpad admin to begin the process. It can be a good way to expand your personal brand as Lushpad is still a popular website for designer furniture even with the change of focus.


23. Apartment Therapy Marketplace


Apartment Therapy Marketplace is a site that allows you to sell modern and mid-century pieces. The largest marketplaces are the New York City, Washington D.C., and Los Angeles metro areas, but, you can sell from almost anywhere.


Listing is free but you can boost your listing for a small fee of $1 per listing. And, you can even import your Etsy listings to Apartment Therapy.


Apartment Therapy Marketplace has a personal feel to it. You create a seller profile that includes your image. Items can be listed online or with the iPhone app. Once you list a product, it can also be shared on Facebook and Twitter.


You can also designate the delivery method to be in-person, local delivery, or ship-to-destination. You can even ship to international buyers!


24. Route 66 Furniture


Get your kicks on Route 66 at Route 66 Furniture. As an online buy and sell consignment shop for used furniture, you take pictures of the items you want to sell and e-mail the details to Route 66. Within one business day, Route 66 will ask you more follow-up questions or coordinate a pickup time.


Then, the items are delivered to Route 66’s warehouse. When the item sells, you earn 50% of the proceeds.


If your items don’t sell within 30 days, Route 66 has the option to drop the original sales price in half.


After 60 days, any unsold items are delisted and you have the option to pick the items up, pay to have them shipped back to you, delivered to a charity, or submit a request to relist the items.


25. Oodle


Oodle is another online classified site that allows you to sell furniture locally. Listings are free and you get to schedule to meet the buyer to finalize the purchase.


Results are based on the zip code that means buyers will see listings located near their current location. This is a smaller website in terms of search traffic and is a better option if you live in one of their featured cities.


26. Wertz Brothers


Los Angeles metro residents can sell their used furniture to Wertz Brothers for check or store credit. No items are sold on consignment.


You can get started by sending pictures and details to Wertz Brothers. It is even possible to sell a complete house of furniture. They offer pickup service on weekdays.


27. OfferUp


OfferUp bills itself as the “easiest way to buy and sell locally.” It is a free online classified app that allows you to instantly pictures of your items, a brief description, and a price.


Buyers can pursue your listed price or offer up a counter price. All communication can be completed within the in-app chat and you meet the buyer to complete the sale.


Buyers will see the most proximate results and they can search keywords too.


28. Recycler


Recycler originally started as an L.A.-based classified newspaper service. In 2010, they relaunched as a national online classified marketplace.


Listing is free and you can submit up to 25 listings each day. You can also share your furniture listings on social media directly from the Recycler website.


29. Bonanza


Bonanza is often considered an alternative to Amazon and eBay and specializes in selling unique items from individual sellers and businesses.


You can sell any type of furniture on Bonanza regardless of time period or genre.


Like Shopify, Bonanza allows you to create an online storefront and a website isn’t required. They currently have over 40,000 stores on their site selling just about anything that can be sold online. In addition to listing items on the Bonanza Marketplace, they will also be listed on eBay and Etsy.


Bonanza also has flexible payment options by accepting PayPal, Checkout by Amazon, and credit card. Plus, you get $100 in Google AdWords credit.


30. Pinterest


Pinterest allows you to list furniture you can make and sell from your own website or local business. It can be a good way to use social media to publicize your brand for free and you can also boost your pins to reach a wider audience.


Pinterest pins that you upload can link directly to your site or also go to other e-commerce sites like eBay or the other sites listed in this article like Trove Market and Recycler.


31. eBid


eBid is an eBay alternative created in 1999. It has very low commission fees that peak at an astonishingly low rate of 3% and has over 14,000 product listings. Like eBay, you can list furniture (and other items) with auction style listings or “Buy Now” that ship or require local pickup.


You can also import items that you are currently selling on Amazon, eBay, and other leading online marketplaces. In addition to being paid by credit card or PayPal, you can also accept Skrill payments.


eBid also allows you to purchase a lifetime membership for $50 to reduce your long-term selling fees and even get a free t-shirt.


32. Bookoo


A family-friendly online classified site that also doubles as a mini-social media platform is Bookoo. This site can be a good option if you live near a military base as many of the boards are setup for U.S, military installations and the social media platform makes it more secure than Craigslist where you cannot visualize the seller or buyer until you meet for the purchase.


It is free to list with Bookoo. Buyers and sellers can leave ratings that can help future buyers decide if you are a good person to do business with.


You can also “friend” other Bookoo users in the Bookoo social media platform. And, buyers who view your profile can see the other items you are currently selling.


33. Ruby Lane


Another online site to sell vintage and antique furniture online is Ruby Lane.


Everything sold on Ruby Lane is high-end and fetches top dollar. To begin selling on Ruby Lane, there is a $100 setup fee to open your online store plus a monthly fee of $69 a month if you list 80 items or less. Plus, each product has a 19-cent listing fee.


Ruby Lane might be more expensive than some other sites on this list, but, it can be a good option if you refinish antique or vintage furniture and looking to turn this hobby into a business.


34. Arizona Office Liquidators & Designs


Despite the name, it is possible to sell used office furniture to Arizona Office Liquidators & Designs if you live anywhere in the United States in truckload quantities.


Arizona Office will pick up used office furniture from local businesses near the Phoenix metro area and has been since 1986. They even accept trade-ins when you are ready to upgrade or change styles.


You can sell used files, desks, chairs, tables, cubicles, lobby furniture, artwork, and other miscellaneous fixtures. They will pay top dollar for Herman Miller Aeron chairs. To begin the selling prices, submit a quote on their website or give them a call.


35. Furniture Finders


If you have 10 or more matching units of office furniture, you can submit your listing to Furniture Finders. After submitting your listing, Furniture Finders will work with their local dealers to generate a quote.


Once you receive the quoted price, you can proceed with the sale or keep searching for another buyer. Be sure to include pictures in the submission, all quotes without pictures attached will be automatically declined.

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