Has anyone who received the code 1121 from the IRS Where's My Refund site received their refund?

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Code 1121 means that your tax return is being reviewed. It's the first step in the formal audit process. The automated system has flagged something as being out of the ordinary and your return is being queued for review by a human. This may or may not result in further investigation or challenge by the IRS. Generally they have 6 weeks to either request additional information from you or return your refund to the processing queue for payment of your refund. Almost anything on your return can trigger this. The most common trigger is suspicious EIC claims. There has been a huge amount of fraud associated with EIC claims in the past several years and the IRS is taking a much closer look at them as a result. You'll have to sit tight for now. If the IRS has any questions they'll be in touch by mail shortly. If the review reveals no problems you should receive your refund in a few weeks. Whether or not you need to worry depends upon what you claimed on your tax return. If you filed a proper ... more
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