Has GoArmyEd replaced the face-to-face support that Soldiers received from Army Education Counselors and on-post school advisors?

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No. Soldiers will still receive comprehensive support from a variety of sources when they use Tuition Assistance toward their approved degree plan. In addition to calling or visiting in-person a local Army Education Center, Soldiers have the following support options: • General Support. A 24/7 GoArmyEd helpdesk is available for Soldiers toll-free via telephone or online through the GoArmyEd portal. The helpdesk is equipped to help resolve most general questions related navigation of GoArmyEd and using all GoArmyEd features. If a question cannot be resolved immediately by the GoArmyEd helpdesk, a student support representative will document the question and escalate it to the specialist best positioned to resolve the issue. All questions can be first directed to the helpdesk for resolution or escalation. • Technical Support. If a question is technical in nature (e.g., a link is not working on GoArmyEd, an eArmyU Laptop Option Soldier has a hardware issue) it will be directed to a ... more
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