Has sign-up for the 2008 Direct and Counter-cyclical Payment program started yet at county Farm Service Agency offices?


Yes. Sign-up at FSA offices for the DCP program started on June 25 and continues until Sept. 30. Once farm operators are signed up for the 2008 program they will be eligible to receive the guaranteed direct payments for the 2008 crop year. The U.S. Department of Agriculture will issue an advance payment of 22 percent after program sign-up is completed, and will issue the final 2008 direct payment after Oct. 1. Producers are also eligible for CCPs for the 2008 crop year; however, no CCPs are expected at this time for 2008 corn, soybeans or wheat, due to the very high level of commodity prices. Commodity Credit Corp. marketing loans will also be available for crops grown in 2008; however, there will not likely be any Loan Deficiency Payments available, again due to the high commodity prices. Producers are encouraged to use patience in signing up for the 2008 DCP program, as most county FSA offices are still completing crop acreage reporting for the 2008 crop year. Q: What are the DCP dir