Hey, has anyone here used a sit standing height adjustable desk?

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Masha Esina Posted

I found some variant on primecables.com and read that it can help to prevent pain in back and neck https://www.primecables.com/p-357448-cab-mt101-all-primecables-sit-to-stand-adjustable-desk-riser-adr-for-monitor-26-35-wide-black#sku366013. Do you think it’s worth? I mean it’s $189.99 but some ordinary tables’re on the same price range. I have problems with my neck. I already used IKEA neck support pillow but I stilll feel bad. How do you guys organize your workspace?

Will Sholy

Hi Masha,

I’ve been using this one for the past couple months and have liked it so far. https://www.varidesk.com/products/standing-desk-pro-plus?o=Size:36%20inch;Color:Black. It’s sightly bulky on my desk, but it’s nice to have to extra surface area when using it in the standing position. Also, I keep my monitors mounted pretty high so I keep my head up and neck straight. It’s seems to help.