Homemade Penis Pump - Does it Work?

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1 Answer

Put a tube over penis, pump it, and voila! You are now one inch longer! -it's the typical image associated with penis pump. It has become the most popular male enlargement product thanks to the bogus claims in advertisements. However, the price is not cheap. The prices of different brands of professional penis pumps range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Expensive, isn't it? Many men do not want to spend a fortune in these products, so they choose the Do-It-Yourself approach. In this article, we are going to discuss danger of homemade penis pump, and the best way to make your penis bigger. Making your own penis pump Anyone can make a penis pump at home with following materials: waterproof tape, bicycle inner tube, inner tube of bicycle, and Lexel tube. These materials cost less than $20 in total and are available in any supermarket. Risk of Homemade Penis Pump #1. Pumping is not a recommended way to make your penis bigger as it's likely to cause serious side effects including ... more
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