How and to whom does Prudentialife Plans, Inc. (PLPI) release Education Plan Benefits?

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1 Answer

There are three ways by which your education plan benefits may be released: 1. To the School, through the Direct School Payment Facilitation Agreement (DSFPA). This is an agreement between Prudentialife and an accredited school whereby Prudentialife directly settles with the school, the tuition and school fees covered by your education plan. Prior to enrollment period, present original copy of the following documents to Prudentialife: - Certificate of Full Payment - Plan Contract - Letter of Acceptance from the school (for incoming freshmen) - Course Curriculum b. Prudentialife will issue a Scholar’s Admission Slip (SAS). c. To enroll, present the SAS to the school. d. Prudentialife will pay the school based on the billing statement Click here for List of Schools with DSPFA For the suceeding availment, we will mail to you the SAS prior to your enrollment. 2. To the School, through Direct School Payment. For schools not under DSPFA, the enrollment procedure is as follows a. Present ... more
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