How are computers used in Entertainment and Recreation?


How are computers used in Entertainment and Recreation?

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Computers can be found throughout the entertainment industry. They are behind much of the glitz and excitement that we encounter every time we turn on the television, attend a professional basketball game, or risk our money in the slot machines of Las Vegas. Computers are used to create the special effects used in television advertisements, the colorful displays on the score boards at sports arenas, and the cards that are displayed on the screen if we play a game of video poker. Computer games are becoming more and more lifelike as the computer’s capability to portray graphics is constantly improved. In the motion picture industry, the time required to create animation has been greatly reduced through the use of computers and special graphics software. The movie industry also uses computers routinely for a variety of special effects and specialized computer programs have even made it possible to “colorize” old black-and-white films. Musicians are also taking advantage of advances in te

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