How are electricity and magnetism related?

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Magnetism and electricity are closely related phenomena. Electric charge is a fundamental property of matter. Matter is made up of electrons, neutrons, and protons. Electrons have a negative electric charge, while protons have a positive electric charge; neutrons have no electric charge. These tiny particles are the building blocks of atoms. An atom has a net positive electric charge when it loses one of its electrons, and a net negative electric charge when it gains an extra electron. On the other hand, magnetic charges do not exist - Magnetic fields are generated solely by moving electric charges. An example of the relationship between electricity and magnetism is the motor. In a motor, a voltage is applied across the terminals of a coil of wire. The voltage causes the electrons in the wire to move, which in turn generates a current. This current results in a magnetic field, which interacts with permanent magnets attached to the core of the motor, causing it to move. Another ... more
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