How are ethical and moral lines being increasingly blurred in cyberspace, even by well-meaning Web users?

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Lohrmann: The Internet provides an unlimited number of new possibilities in both positive and negative directions at the same time. People rename sinful or unethical behaviors in cyberspace. Plagiarism becomes “copying text.” Stealing becomes “downloading files.” Lying becomes “protecting yourself.” As these terms are inappropriately merged together, the lines between right and wrong become harder to recognize. Q: How do you define “integrity theft”? Lohrmann: Everyone is aware of the dangers associated with identity theft. “Integrity theft” is similar. But rather than your money or personal information being at risk from unseen hackers, it is your reputation, your career, or your important relationships that are threatened by online temptations to do wrong. As we surf the Internet, we are offered intriguing images, videos, and other content that vie for our thoughts, dreams, time, and money. We are enticed to act against our professed values and beliefs. While identity theft and ... more
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