How are latex balloons made?


Materials While rubber is often made with synthetic material, natural latex is preferred. Natural latex is harvested because of its elasticity. It can be stretched beyond its natural length and return to normal shape. When the latex is harvested from trees, it is mixed with alkali materials to prevent coagulation. Before the latex is used in the balloon process, it is mixed with multiple ingredients. Pigments are also added to produce a myriad of colors. Preparation Before even being used, the latex has pigment added to it. Molds are then made. They are placed into a latex, where they then stick to the molds. After the molds have been dipped, they’re then heated. Finishing The ring of the balloon is created by using cone-shaped brushes that turn in opposing directions. After this process, the balloon will then be submersed into water to remove excess material. The balloons are then dried and cured. The balloon is removed from the mold and ready for packaging.