How are messages sent to the pager?

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By radio. Well, it's a bit more complicated than that. Let's take a look at how a pager actually works: The pager is a small sized radio receiver which constantly monitors a specific radio frequency dedicated to pager use. It remains silent until it 'hears' a specific ID string which tells it to, in effect, turn on, and then listen up for, and display, the forthcoming message.(again that could be a numeric or other string) This ID is called (in the US) a CAPCODE. It has -nothing- to do with the phone number you call or the ID you give to the page operator (see below). So the key point is that the pager company radio transmitter is constantly sending out pages, and your specific unit will only activate when it hears its ID/CAPCODE over the air. more
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A pager contains small, low-power radio receiver which constantly monitors one of several radio frequencies dedicated to pager use. It ignores signals that do not contain the specific ID string matching that individual pager's ID (or capcode). The capcode is not the same as the phone number and it is the paging company's equipment that converts messages directed to your phone number to the radio signals directed to your pager. Usually there are multiple radio transmitters sending the same signal for the same pagers. In some cases this is to improve penetration into buildings and in other cases to expand the area of coverage. • How do I send a message? nowMessenger! of course. This varies by pager (or message) type and by paging vendor: • Tone Only: when you call the pager's phone number you will hear a tone after the line is answered. At this point you hang up and the paging vendor's equipment will send a signal to the pager indicating that the wearer should call. • Numeric: when you ... more

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