How are monocot flowers and dicot flowers different?

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Plants may be grouped by their number of seed leaves (cotyledons): Monocots have one seed leaf. • About 90,000 species. • Includes a small number of woody palm trees. • Most are grasses and grains such as wheat, oats, corn, and rice. Dicots have two seed leaves. • Almost 200,000 species. • A diverse group from cactuses to forest trees. Monocots and dicots are the two most important groups we will study this year. You must be able to recognize any plant belonging to these two groups. The following table and diagram give characteristics that can be used for identification. Comparison of Monocots and Dicots MonocotyledonsDicotyledons Embryo with 1 cotyledon, usually developing under ground Embryo with 2 cotyledons, usually developing above ground Roots usually fibrous A primary root usually present Growth is mostly herbaceous Growth either herbaceous or woody Vascular bundles scattered Vascular bundles usually forming a ring Leaves usually parallel-veined Leaves usually net-veined ... more
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