How are points redeemed into a Fidelity account?


Cardmembers can choose to have their points automatically redeemed at the end of each month as a current year contribution into their Fidelity IRA or into another eligible Fidelity account. Cardmembers can also choose to accrue points and redeem them on demand at any time. You must earn a minimum of 5000 points, $2,500 in purchases, to have them redeemed into a Fidelity account. Once you have reached 5000 points, they can be converted at a rate of 1% (5000 point = $50 deposit) into the eligible Fidelity account you designate. You can also designate multiple Fidelity accounts to direct your earnings. Deposits will be sent via the Automated Clearing House (“ACH”) Network into your designated Fidelity account(s). Automatic Redemption Set up Customers may set up their account for automatic redemption by designating an eligible account at the time of application, or after the Card account is opened by selecting the Fidelity Rewards banner at This content will appear

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