How are progesterones administered?

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1 Answer

Most immune docs prefer to prescribe gestone as its absorption is supposed to be more guaranteed than other forms of progesterone and they feel that having a high level of circulating progesterone may be more important for ladies with immune issues due to its anti-inflammatory effect - whereas for 'normal' ladies the concern is generally only for maintainance of the lining for which pessaries normally perform well for most patients. Gestone (progesterone in oil/prontogest/agolutin) is given by daily (or twice daily) injection usually into the upper outer quadrant of the buttock. The generic name for injectable progesterone is 'progesterone in oil' or 'injectable progesterone' but in the UK, the normal brand name is gestone. However, occasionally there are shortages, so products from other countries may be substituted e.g., Prontogest (from Italy) or Agolutin (from Czech), although Agolutin comes in 30mg ampoules rather than 50mg like Gestone and Prontogest. It may be necessary to ask ... more
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