How are winners notified?

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3 Answers

All winners are notified in writing as to what they have won and how to claim their prize. Major prize winners will be published in the Toronto Star and a complete list of all 33,033 prize winners will be posted at HelpConquerCancer.ca on May 21 or June 4. A printed list of winners is available upon request. Call 1-866-631-1234.
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The car winner receives a notification letter together with a car brochure advising them of their win. Quite often this is presented by a Senior Manager within the winner's Business Unit. As soon as the major prize winner has been notified of their win, results posters are issued to the six HASSRA regional business partners who, in turn contact the winners within their catchment areas to pass on the good news. The results are also posted on the HASSRA Intranet and Internet sites. more
As per the new policy, winners will be posted on the scholarship winners page at the time of drawing. We will put the drawing notification on the homepage. Winners have 3 days from the drawing date to contact us regarding their scholarship. ScholarshipPoints.com can be contacted by mailing members@scholarshippoints.com. more

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