How can I become an electrician?

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become an electrician…

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Good sharing, thank you!


To work as a professional electrician, you need to have a license issued by your state. The requirements for getting such a license vary depending on the state you are in. However, you will always be required to do at least these three things:

1 – Pass an exam

2 – Pay an exam fee

3 – Take part in an apprenticeship

Taking part in an apprenticeship program is often the biggest time-sink of the process. You may be required to work as an apprentice for two years or more, depending on which state you are in. Some states, like California, make a minimum amount of classroom hours mandatory for anyone hoping to get a license.

The typical path chosen by people with no experience who want to start working fast is to (1) join an electrician certificate program, (2) start a paid apprenticeship, and (3) take and pass the licensing exam. Most states allow you to complete this entire process in under three years. You can see more on