How can I connect directly to my SuffolkWeb email account?

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1 Answer

• To connect to your account using the PINE text software, using your telnet software connect to: telnet://bookworm.suffolk.lib.ny.us:23/ • To connect to your account using the TWIG email viewer, using your Internet browser connect to: http://twig.suffolk.lib.ny.us • To connect to your account using POP software such as Outlook Express, in your mail account, set: • Servers • Set Incoming mail (POP3) to pophost.suffolk.lib.ny.us • Set Outgoing mail (SMTP) to the address of your provider's outgoing mail server address • Connection • Uncheck “Always connect to this account using” • Advanced • Uncheck “Leave a copy of messages on server” • Click on Apply and then Close. • Click Here for a review of Outlook Express settings. more
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