How can i draw a real transmutation circle ?


How can i draw a real transmutation circle ?

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A transmutation circle is created by drawing the alchemical symbols for your desire arranged inside of a circle. 1. Google Alchemical Symbols. You’ll need to memorize a lot of them. 2. A circle should have two rings, an outer circle and an inner circle. The outer circle is a shield, and should not be disturbed, containing the ‘spell’ within. 3. Lines radiating from the inside, or from inside of the interior line, to the outside draw energy that way-releasing the spell. 4. When the array has been completed, a charge is sent through the circle (that is the clap and touch with the hands) that releases the elements of the spell. 5. Transmutation circles can be a good aid in magic, but it takes a along time to figure out how to use them. You’ll need to be very well versed in alchemy -REAL alchemy, though obviously you don’t need a lab since we’re working on a spiritual plane-to use the alchemical symbols and know what they mean, as they all mean many things, not just a particular metal or e

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