How can I get an electronic version of the logo to insert on materials I am printing out from my computer? Why does the one Ive inserted in my document look jagged?


You can request a copy of the logo from Publications & Advertising or can download from our Web site, where it has been created according to specifications required for insertion into printed documents. In either case, you will receive instructions about how to size it and apply it to your document. Sometimes resizing the logo incorrectly causes distortion. There are several other reasons why logos may print incorrectly. Most common is that the printer you are using is not a laser printer. Another is that you have downloaded the image from the NYIT web site (at a location other than the one given above), where it is executed in a resolution that, while adequate for the application it is being used in, is insufficient for application in a printed document. If you are unable to produce a proper logo and have material for duplicating or printing, leave the area blank where the logo should appear and Publications & Advertising will apply a logo of appropriate size for you prior to reproduc