How can i get rid of a bone spur on my knee?

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1 Answer

A bone spur, also known as an osteophyte, is bony development that can form on any bone in the body that is near joints, ligaments or tendons. Bone spurs occur most often in people who participate in strenuous activities such as biking, running and jogging. Bone spurs are caused from certain conditions or from strenuous activity that breaks down the bone; the body then tries to repair the bone loss by creating a bone spur. If bone spurs are painful or limit mobility, there are natural and surgical ways to rid them from the body.RemediesBone spurs can often be uncomfortable and cause pain because they can rub against other bones and nerves nearby. To treat bone spurs in the knee naturally, you can use various over-the-counter remedies and medications. One remedy involves the use of a clean cloth, linseed oil and a heating pad. You should then dip the cloth into hot linseed oil, place it on the bone spur, then place the heating pad on top of the cloth. This will allow the oil to soak ...
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