How Can I Induce Lactation?


Many people are unaware that it is actually relatively easy to induce lactation, even if you are not pregnant. People induce lactation for a number of reasons, including to breastfeed adopted infants, to breastfeed children born extremely prematurely, and simply if the body’s natural lactation doesn’t kick in. There are a few different ways to induce lactation, some of which use traditional methods which have been used for thousands of years, and others of which use modern techniques, such as hormonal therapy, to induce lactation. Both have their pros and cons, and deciding which method to induce lactation by is something only the new mother can decide. For thousands of years women have induced lactation in order to feed adopted children, or the children of other mothers who for whatever reason could not feed their own children. The term wet nurse is often used to describe a woman who looks after another woman’s child, and also breastfeeds them. Although often a wet nurse was a woman w