How can I keep squirrels from digging up my tulip bulbs?

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Place chicken wire over freshly planted seeds and bulbs to keep squirrels from digging them out. Place rocks or other heavy weights at each of the four corners to keep squirrels from getting under it. Be sure to remove the chicken wire before the plants get too big. Alternatively, you could dig the entire area for the bulbs 6 inches deep (or to the level the bulbs require). Then plant the bulbs so that the shoots are sticking out slightly and place the chicken wire right on top of the bulbs. This way the plants will grow through the wire without you having to remove it. You then cover up both the wire and the bulbs with the dirt you had removed. Plant daffodils intermixed with your tulips. Squirrels do not like daffodils and will stay away from them. They also dislike alliums, which are of the onion family. Do not use any hot pepper mixes to discourage squirrels as it gets on their paws and can then get in their eyes causing serious pain and potentially permanent damage. Hang old ... more
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