How can I lose weight as quickly as possible without starving myself (in 2 weeks)?

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2 Answers

Eating only steamed vegetables may enable you to lose weight quickly in two weeks but the other side of that bargain is going to be a slower metabolism and a Christmas present of getting back all the weight you lost (which will mostly be water weight) and them some. The quickest way is to up your water intake to at least 2-3 litres a day. Any excess water your body is retaining will be flushed out and it will also allow your liver (your metabolizing friend) to work at it's peak. The next is to elimiate all refined foods (sugar, white flours etc.). Eat only whole foods (rule of thumb is the things that are found on the perimeter of the grocery store). And DO NOT deprive yourself of food- this is the quickest way to mess up your metabolism. Eating high fibre foods (eg. sugar free cereals), protein (e.g. chicken, egg whites), good fats (walnuts, flax oils, olive oils), complex carbs (small amounts of oatmeal, brown rice, multigrain bread) is key to feeling full and losing weight. The ... more
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