How can I make a Lady Gaga Halloween costume?

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There are three approaches you can take to dressing like Lady Gaga.

  1. Lady GagaSequins and sunglasses: Lady Gaga is known for wearing sequins all over her dresses and always wearing a pair of over-sized sunglasses. If you are not comfortable with wearing her super avant-garde pieces, try adding a geometric sequin design to a plain black dress and putting on a blond wig and over-sized sunglasses. Some interesting sunglasses are the cigarette-glasses from her "Telephone" music video.
  2. Lady Gaga Red LaceLace over your face: Lady Gaga's infamous red costume with lace covering her face would make the perfect Halloween costume. Since lace is see-through, your vision won't be too impaired. However, if you are nervous about seeing while trick-or-treating, try cutting holes by your eyes or even getting a very sheer lace material. Make sure to top it off with an exquisite red crown of feathers. This costume is pretty inexpensive. Just visit your local craft store.
  3. Lady Gaga dress made out of meatThe Meat Dress: If you really want to turn heads on Halloween, try mimicking Lady Gaga's meat dress from the 2010 MTV VMAs. You will definitely give people a shock (and get chased down by the local neighborhood dog). You don't have to make the dress out of actual meat - you can probably find some fabric that mimics meat, or just paint a white fabric to save some money (and your fellow trick-or-treaters the smell of your rotting-meat-costume).

For Lady Gaga, every day is Halloween. So a simple google search of Lady Gaga's best outfits will also give you great inspiration. However, these are my personal favorites for the Gaga fan whether you are modest or avant-garde.

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