How can I make tulle stiff so that a pew bow will stand up?

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Thanks Dear Bryan: you are using the wrong product for your tulle bows. There is a product that is sold as a stiff tulle, that contains some starch. It is usually used for crinolines. You can try and spraying your tulle. Search here at fabrics.net for crinoline fabrics. Good Luck, Andy Andy has been in the fabric and textile business all his life, but professionally since 1969. "I love what I do, selling fabrics around the globe. I've met lots of interesting, creative, dynamic folks; some have become dear friends. I love to help new businesses find the things they need to become successful. It works for everyone." You can ask Andy questions at Andy@Fabrics.net. If you are looking for fabrics, the fastest route is to fill out a request form at http://www.fabrics.net/swatch/ The "Ask Andy" Column is an opinion Column and may or may not reflect the views of Fabrics.net.
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