How can I participate in the Government's oil and gas lease "lottery" in Oregon and Washington?

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1 Answer

The Simultaneous Oil and Gas leasing program, which some referred to as a "lottery," ended with the passage of the Reform Act of 1987. Now, the BLM's oil and gas leasing program is a competitive-based process. You or your representative must be present to bid. Any parcel that does not receive a bid at an oral auction is available on a first-come, first-served basis for two years following the day of the sale. However, all offers made for unsold parcels filed the day after the sale are considered simultaneously filed, and, where more than one filing is received on a parcel, a public drawing is held to select a winner. Some people may refer to this day-after process as a "lottery," as well. Please note that the BLM has received reports that some companies and individuals have misrepresented the BLM's oil and gas leasing program in their advertisements. We recommend that you be aware of the risks before making any investments. more
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