How Can I remove a Halogen (Dichroic) lamp from a ceiling fitting?

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1 Answer

This is normally very easy to do, either with a lamp removal tool, or just use one of those hooks that have a suction cup at the back. Ensure your lamp is COOL FIRST - then stick on the hook and pull down. Obviously choose the best size for the lamp. Most are either 35mm (MR16), and 50mm (MR11). Some of these may have a thin wire ring that pulls down from inside the fitting, that you can release, and just pull it out with. The OTHER common types are the GZ10 and GU10. These have rear contacts similar to a flourescent starter, so twist anti-clockwise a few MM before pulling out. You may find a DIY shop that stocks a removal tool (to avoid P&P on ordering a low-value part). However, check out part SCP250 at: http://www.work-play.co.uk/catalogue/index_diy.asp?rName=Bulbs [HOME] [TOP] [UP TO APPLIANCE FAQ] [FAQ] [HINTS] [USEFUL LINKS] [SITE MAP] [EMAIL] [Back 1 PAGE] ©2004 - 2009 www.letsfixit.co. more
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