How can I repair sash windows in Edinburgh?

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Karen Montgomery

And is it financially sensible?

Sam Cordon

Repairing a sash and case windows is usually no walk in the park. While certain tasks may be quite straightforward (such as a broken glass pane or localized wood damage), most repair tasks in sash and case windows are usually complex and not localized.

For instance, repairing snapped sash cords and decaying frames in multiple areas usually involves dismantling the frame. These kinds of tasks are best left to professionals instead of employing a DIY approach.

Regarding the cost of repair, sometimes it may be better to replace your window instead of repairing an old one but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. This usually comes down to severity of the damage and the company you’re working with for the repair.

Companies like Sash and Case Windows Direct in Edinburgh usually do a good job in restoring your windows in a cost effective manner. Also, no matter how much it costs to replace or restore your sash and case windows, doing so is still a good idea because these windows have a way of significantly increasing your property’s value down the line.