How can I stop moles destroying my garden?

Jess Morris Posted

How can I stop moles destroying my garden?


Great question. The way I see it, you have four main options to stop moles destroying your garden to choose from:


  • Option 1: Kill them with a mole trap

There are above and below ground traps to catch and kill moles. They’re more effective than things like mole repellants, poisons, and other home remedies. However, a lot of people aren’t comfortable with killing a mostly harmless animal, so whether this is a good option or not will really depend on your personal ethics.


  • Option 2: Prevention

The second option is less harsh as it involves discouraging moles from coming into your lawn, as opposed to killing them. You can discourage them by taking measures to improve your soil drainage as moles prefer wet/damp lawns. You can also place below-the-ground metal barriers to prevent them from entering, or use insecticides to take away their food source.


  • Option 3: Wait it out

Moles typically only live around 3 years and don’t operate in social groups. That means you probably only have a problem with a single mole, so you could just wait it out. It will be gone in a few years.


  • Option 4: Hire a pest control company

Pest control companies like can get rid of home and garden pests like moles and rats for you. This specific company offers Pest Control in Tonbridge, but there are similar companies operating in most cities and rural areas.