How can I stop my 2 male yorkie dogs from fighting?

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1 Answer

'EssJay' is right, apart from neutering may not help, it will along with some serious training. I am suspecting 2 yorkie's, you mated them and kept a female and male from the litter either by choice or they weren't sold, anyway you have 4 dogs all now (possibly) related with none of them neutered...you are asking for trouble....and getting exactly what you are asking for even if you don't realise it. Females in season with 2 males around fighting for pack leader and you who should be pack leader not understanding this situation would always cause problems, so what happens when the son mates his mother and possibly sister (if she is)as well. And even if the females are neutered the 2 males will fight because the only thing on their minds is to reproduce, so any dog who comes into season in a 5 mile radius of your house they will smell, males will fight to the death if there is no other option ( in the wild a losing male would leave the pack) but that option is not there they live in ... more
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